When Lila Met Stacey CHAPTER7 “Elizabeth’s Heartbreak”, or “Mary Anne Saves the Day”

24 Sep


Elizabeth’s Heartbreak, or Mary Anne Saves the Day

Is it bad when the sight of a fictional character being miserable brings you this much joy?

“Last point wins!” Margo Pike purred, smoothing out the pleated skirt of her white tennis dress. She was at Bruce Patman’s family estate, spending Saturday morning with the handsome heir. She’d known Bruce for just over a week, but already they were getting on like a house on fire. And fire was just the right word, she thought, remembering back to their intense make-out session the night before. Bruce sure knew how to show a girl a good time – even if she had to let him win at tennis.

Bruce served up an ace, and Margo smiled. The game was over – now she could go inside and do some serious investigating! Bruce wandered over to her side of the court, a cocky grin on his handsome face.

“Moet?” he offered gallantly. How far they’d advanced from the warm wine in a paper cup he’d offered her just the other night!

Bruce Patman was not sexist - he just liked girls who only spoke when they were spoken to, who cooked for him, and who let him win at tennis.

Ten minutes later, the pair were sipping champagne on the deck with Bruce’s high school yearbook open.

“I still don’t know why you need to see this,” he was saying.

“No special reason,” said Margo, flicking through the pages. There was a Wakefield on every page! Where would she possibly start?

“Let me see that,” Bruce snatched the book from her and flipped to the sports section. “This is me winning the rowing tournament against Lovett.” He displayed the full-page spread proudly. “And me at the field championships.” And buying out Tony Alimenti so he’d let me win that one, he added silently.

Margo snatched the book back. “I wasn’t finished,” she snapped. She turned to the literature section. There was Elizabeth winning “Oracle staffer of the Year.” Elizabeth holding up a newspaper article she’d apparently penned for the London Times. Elizabeth and a dowdy looking girl outside the Sweet Valley News: “Elizabeth Wakefield and Penny Ayala,” the caption read. Elizabeth with her twin at Flair magazine, sporting matching blonde bobs. How much journalism could someone possibly do in a year? wondered Margo.

Margo glared at the wholesome face that smiled back at her, the sun-streaked hair and blue-green eyes that said, “I’m better than you, and I know it.”

“Earth to Margo!” it was Bruce. “I’m meeting Hank at the gentleman’s club. I’d let you come too, but it’s a guy thing. Why don’t you start on some dinner and I’ll be back in a few hours?”

Margo tried to look disappointed, but inside she was beaming. This was just the break she needed!

“Bye then,” she pecked him on the cheek as he grabbed his tweed jacket off the chair. “I’ll be waiting.”

Patman was putty in her hands.

* * *

“Mary-Anne, how much longer is this going to last?” Richard Spier demanded on Saturday morning. He was standing outside the guest room, where Mary-Anne’s friend Elizabeth had been sleeping for the past week and a half.

“I know Daddy, but it’s only for one more night,” Mary Anne countered. She had to agree – she was quickly getting over her work-mate inhabiting her home. Not only was Elizabeth moping around like Stacey McGill over Sam Thomas, but every time the blonde had caught Mary Anne and Logan in the act, she’d looked at her with pity! Mary Anne sighed. She was no stranger to conservatives – take her father, for one, not to mention the Catholic Pikes and Mrs Prezzioso. But Elizabeth was condescending beyond belief, and Mary Anne had had to bite her tongue on several occasions to avoid reminding Elizabeth that perhaps her prudishness was the reason Todd had strayed.

Elizabeth had barely left the house in the past week – the one time the journalist had ventured out to Stoneybrook mall, she’d apparently run into Todd and Laine sharing a milkshake at Burger Bite.

Mary-Anne tiptoed into the guest room where her step-sister Dawn had once resided. How she wished Dawn were here now in place of this patronizing bitch who’d totally outstayed her welcome!

“Liz,” she whispered softly. “I’m really sorry, but my Dad’s home again. He and Sharon really want you to leave.”

“They’ll go out again,” sobbed Elizabeth, “And get stoned, and forget about me. Why do you want to get rid of me, Mary Anne?”

“Shhh,” Mary-Anne soothed. “You know I don’t, but you have to snap out of this funk. Why don’t you come into work on Monday, and we’ll see if Karen Brewer can take you in for a while? There’s lots of space at the Big House – you can have Kristy’s old room.”

Elizabeth thought it over. A mansion would be nice. And Watson Brewer sounded a lot like Hank Patman – plus there probably wouldn’t be too many unmarried people copulating under the roof.

“Okay,” she sniffed feebly. “I’ll ask Karen on Monday.” She dropped back on the bed. “But just leave me in peace until then.”

Karma, baby, Karma

* * *

Jessica hummed along to the now familiar whir of the sewing machine, admiring the umbrella-print miniskirt she had almost completed. With the help of Lila Fowler and Claudia Kishi-Lee, her business had been totally revolutionized in the space of a week! In fact, it was no longer known by the boring old name of  “Wakefield Designs” but as the hip, new underground boutique, “Magenta Galaxy.”

It had been tough going, though – she’d had to act as mediator a few times when Li and Claud had come to blows – Lila was all about tweed and tailoring, while Claudia preferred an eclectic blend of textures and shapes. And Jade had definitely taken away a few productive work hours – babies could be so rude and demanding! Jessica glanced across the table at her new colleague, admiring her chic but thrown-together approach to fashion. Like today, for instance, she wore a blue-and-white striped body-suit over a grey jumper-thing. She was wearing hot pink stockings with her pink-and-black checkered push-down socks. Around her middle was a wide black belt with a buckle in the shape of a shield. And on her feet were black ballet slippers.

Jessica glanced down at her own trendy ensemble and touched a hand to her hair. She still wasn’t used to the short, choppy layers, not to mention the darker colour. She hadn’t had the heart yet to tell her identical twin. Travis had been impressed though, and for now, that was enough for Jessica.

She was interrupted by the high-pitched tone of her cell-phone, which of course set off Jade in the pram next to her. She recognized the number immediately –


* * *

Steven Wakefield lounged in his booth at Nobu, an arm around each of his dates – identical twins Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold. He’d dumped Charlotte Johannsen like hot coal once he’d met these ladies – after all, Steven had long had a fascination with identical twins. Although they looked the same, he’d been surprised to find out that they were actually rather different. One was shy and artistic, and the other was wild and sporty, though right now he couldn’t remember which was which. He was tempted to slyly swipe one with a texta so he could stop stuffing up their names – it was getting a little embarrassing. At almost 30, he was also struggling to match their energy levels.

Steven wriggled his arm free and took a forkful of salad. He turned his gaze outside, eyeing the hip New Yorkers wandering past. He felt a sudden pang of yearning for Billie Winkler, and the Saturdays they used to spend together looking over their veggie patch in their modest home in Sweet Valley. But those days were through.

Marilyn [or was it Carolyn?] took a sip of her Stony Peak and giggled. She pointed outside, where a pair of blonde guys were strutting past, hand in hand. One had on tight jeans with a puffy black vest, and the other wore a pink polo shirt and a too-cheesy grin. They must have had 137 piercings between them.

Steven instantly recognized pink-shirt as Jessica’s new fling – he’d run into them at Starbucks last week! And the guy he was with looked vaguely familiar. Was he from Sweet Valley? From college? Then it dawned on him.

“Tom McKay!” he cried, remembering the guy from his sisters’ junior year, who Jessica had casually dated many a time. Steven slid his hand into his trouser pocket and took out his Blackberry. Jessica would feel totally duped that she’d hooked up with not one but TWO gay guys, but hearing the news from her brother might make it more bearable.

How is it that this guy got a SVH cover and Winston didn't? Eh Fran-Pasc?

“Steven?” Jessica asked again. “What’s up?” She didn’t like the nervous tone of her brother’s voice.

“It’s Travis,” he blurted.

“Travis?” she wondered. “What about him?”

“He’s…” Steven stumbled on the words. “He’s gay.”

“GAY?!” Jessica shook her head in disbelief. “He can’t be, if he was we wouldn’t have…”

Slowly the pieces drifted together, forming an unmistakable shape. The skim milk…the clothes and hair advice…the strut…the keen input into her designs… It hadn’t sat particularly well with Jessica that a guy would want to change her – after all, she was a Wakefield. And Wakefields were perfect! But now it all made sense. She hung up the phone and dropped her head in her hands.

Claudia spoke first, draping an arm around Jessica’s shoulder.

“I maybe should’ve said something, Jess,” she began, “because he did the same thing with one of my hippy friends when were in middle school. He made her cut her hair and bought her earrings. Stacey said her gaydar was going through the roof, but nobody else understood what she meant. I’m really sorry.”

Jessica looked up, and the girls were surprised to see that he eyes were dry, and full of the old Wakefield sparkle.

“You’re ok?” Lila looked up from her copy of Vogue.

“More than,” Jessica declared. “How does this sound: Magenta Galaxy, with fashion advisor Travis Simpson!?”

How will the Wakefields mend their bleeding hearts?

Which old flame will make their long-awaited return?

And What will Karen do next?

Find out in Chapter 8 of “When Lila Met Stacey,” “Karen’s Teacher”.

Margo is rising!


5 Responses to “When Lila Met Stacey CHAPTER7 “Elizabeth’s Heartbreak”, or “Mary Anne Saves the Day””

  1. tooimpurenangel September 24, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    This is so fantastic!
    Steven’s twin fetish!
    Bruce’s paper cups!
    Dizzy Lizzie freaking out because of teh fornication!

  2. Daniella September 24, 2010 at 11:26 am #

    Love it love it love it! The Travis thing is brilliant. The Claudia outfit, right on. Umbrella print miniskirt? Sweet!

    • winstonegbert September 24, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

      Argh – I totally photographed that outfit and forgot to post it. Will do that as soon as I’m reunited with my laptop

  3. Sam September 24, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    So good – love it how Stephen has hooked up with Marilyn and Carolyn, it really does explain a lot. And Travis and Tom McKay!! Awesome.

    I hope Charlotte makes a re-appearance though, I pictured her as being Scarlett Johannson. I really hope Enid pops up too, I loved her.

    And I really thought Kristy would be a lesbian? Was there a Bart ref a few chapters ago?

    Great job! 🙂

    • winstonegbert September 24, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

      You must’ve read my mind. The Kristy orientation debate pops up in the next chapter! And I’ll try to work
      C[harlot]te back in somewhere along the line…always found Scarlett’s name a weird coincidence, as if her mother possibly read these books

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