When Lila Met Stacey Chapter 9, “Too Good To Be True,” or, “Dawn on the Coast,”

28 Sep

A moment of self-criticism [Winston puts on his thinking hat and tries to look serious]: I did NOT like the previous chapter. The reason Margo is so awesome is because, as Ihatewheat of the Dairi Burger once said, she “gets shit done,” And the reason Elizabeth is so awful is because she broods, and thinks, and pities someone, and broods some more [refer to exhibit A: entire SVU series.] Last chapter, in retrospect, was something of a filler. Like “The Morning After” in the prom thriller miniseries, or one of the five books where Jessica is getting screwed over by a married couple with a rare blood disorder. Too much brooding, and not enough Getting. Shit. Done.

Now, I couldn’t have Margo just getting out there and murdering everyone, but I assure you that the Enid story arc over the ensuing three chapters can only end in bloodshed, and that while the Wakefields are falling to an all-time low, Margo is rising [and so are Stacey and Claudia].

When Lila Met Stacey Chapter 9, “Too Good To Be True,” or, “Dawn on the Coast,”

Hold on to your love, girl

Hold on tight.

I’m telling you

I never knew

What love was babe, and now there’s you.

Hold on to your love, girl

Hold on tonight.

I’m telling you until I held you close to me

I never knew what joy could be.

And now there’s you….

And now there’s you…. *

*genuine Droids lyrics by Fran-Pasc and her team of ghostwriters

Elizabeth Wakefield smiled and tossed back her head as Dana Larson belted out the Droids latest hit single. It was a balmy Californian night and she was at the Beach Disco in Sweet Valley with her twin sister Jessica.

Contentment settled over her as she scanned the open-aired floor with her blue-green eyes. From Ken Matthews to Amy Sutton to Brooke Dennis, the familiar faces were making her feel alive again. Elizabeth caught her twin’s eye and winked. It was just like old times: while Jessica was spinning wildly on the dance floor with several good-looking guys, Elizabeth was chatting quietly in the corner to Penny Ayala and Randy Mason. They looked even more alike than usual tonight, in their matching blue baby-doll dresses and blonde wigs, but it was no secret that the Wakefield twins were as different as night and day. Elizabeth turned toward the Pacific Ocean. A bit more of this tranquil Sweet Valley air, she thought, and I’ll forget about Todd in no time. The thought of her handsome ex-boyfriend sent a searing pang through Elizabeth’s chest. She shook herself free of the painful image and settled back in her stool. Sweet Valley was her past and her present. But Todd Wilkins was history.


Margo peered over Bruce’s broad shoulder and scanned the gathering crowd. There she was, perched primly on one of the cane stools overlooking the beach, smiling and nodding at the nerd adjacent to her as she sipped her iced lemonade. Bitch, thought Margo. But at least she hadn’t been recognized. She turned back to her handsome date, whose hand was sliding further down her back every minute. They’d been knocking back tequila since 9pm, and Margo was definitely loosening up. Still, her eyes were focused squarely on the prize: a prize she was more than happy to toy with before she pounced – Elizabeth. She craned her neck to get a better look at Malibu Barbie, and Malibu Barbie’s twin who was slutting it up on the dance floor. Jessica was way more her kind of girl, she thought with a wry smile. But if I killed Jessica, she reasoned, I’d have to hang out with dull old Elizabeth.

She was interrupted by a low whisper in her ear. “She’s great, isn’t she?”

Margo spun her head around, surprised. A plain-looking auburn-haired girl was standing beside her.

“You know her?” Margo cocked her head toward Elizabeth.

“She was my best friend,” said the girl. “She was so wonderful at everything.” Margo watched, feeling uncomfortable as the girl gazed longingly at the attractive blonde.

Creepy, thought Margo. Still, anyone who knew Elizabeth could be VERY useful.

The girl let out a long sigh.

“Fuck off, Enid,” ordered Bruce.

Enid. Margo made a mental note to remember that name. Dweeb or not, that girl was her ticket.

* * *

“Lizzie! Lizzie!” Jessica ran over breathlessly and grabbed her twin’s arm. “Claud and Stace are here! Come say hi?”

“Excuse me,” Elizabeth smiled warmly at Randy, who was going on about how he’d helped design facebook or something. She linked arms with Jessica and wandered over to the double glass doors, where two attractive 20-somethings were standing.

“Nice to meet you, Elizabeth,” the taller girl – Stacey – smiled and fluffed her shoulder-length blonde hair. Her wavy perm was grown to that in-between stage, and Elizabeth had to admit it looked sensational. She cast her eyes over Stacey’s trendy ensemble. She was wearing pink lace leggings with matching ballet flats, and a black halter top that accentuated her slim shoulders. It rode up just enough to reveal a hint of flat midriff – and the tell-tale signs of intravenous drug use.

Junkie, Elizabeth thought, a look of panic crossing her attractive face. What kind of crowd had Jessica been mixing it with in the Big Apple?

She turned her attention to the other girl. “And you must be Claudia,” she affirmed with a thin smile.

The girl was wearing an oversized geometric print t-shirt that clashed with her red day-glo** tights. On her feet were purple slouch socks and orange converse hi-tops. Her shiny black hair was clasped into a loo-oo-ong side ponytail with a sequined purple barrette, revealing gigantic parrot clip-ons adorning each ear. Elizabeth decided she looked like the love-child of Mr Bowman and Olivia Davidson. Or maybe she was homeless…Jessica was sure making some interesting friends these days!

An unpleasant odour wafted over the room, followed by a noisy, “Claudia? Stacey?” Elizabeth turned.

Dawn Schafer, the hippie environmental editor for the Sweet Valley Tribune, was skipping [skipping!] toward them, her white-blonde dreadlocks flapping about her face. She squeezed through the gathering crowd, and shoved Elizabeth out of the way, her green skirt swishing at her waist. “Peace out, girls!”

Dawn’s date, Nicky Shepherd, sauntered over to the New Yorkers, and several Sweet Valley locals began to drift toward them like clove cigarette smoke.

All it takes is a bit of midriff to draw a crowd these days, Elizabeth reflected snidely, watching hunky Ken Matthews push a cosmo in Stacey’s hand. At least Claudia was married and off the market.

She instantly scolded herself for the disloyal thought. These girls were visitors to her hometown – she shouldn’t begrudge them having a nice welcome.

But as Aaron Dallas pushed past her to fill a small gap at Stacey’s side, she had to admit it: Claudia Kishi-Lee and Stacey McGill were certainly turning heads.

* * *

Claudia and Stacey are turning far too many heads, thought Jessica bitterly as she stood alone at the bar. Where were her free drinks? Where were the 137 guys who’d been clamouring over her just ten minutes before? I shouldn’t have invited those New Yorkers, she decided grudgingly, glaring at the girls and their stupid little reunion with that dirty looking hippie. It was kind of annoying the way everyone was fawning over the trio. She took a couple of steps closer, trying to gauge some of the conversation that was apparently so fascinating to all the attractive single men in the room. The hippie – Dawn, someone had called her – was rabbiting on about some kind of great sleepover they’d hosted way back when. Given that Dawn had cornsilk-coloured dreadlocks down to her waist and a hideous green tent dress made out of hemp, Jessica guessed they were referring to some kind of free love sit in, or maybe even an orgy. Why was she even bothering to eavesdrop? She wished Lila were here tonight. But stupid Lila had gone and gotten herself a date back in New York, with a guy called Alan Gray who apparently owned half of Microsoft. Sheesh, thought Jessica. If she didn’t have a flock of guys around her in the next minute, she was going to get hold of Liz and make for the Dairi Burger.

* * *

Margo gazed up at Bruce and batted her long, dark lashes. It was almost one am and the crowd was dissipating.

“Would you still want me if I dyed my hair, Brucey?” she purred.

“I’ve had my fair share of blondes,” he boasted, “And I like them loud and feisty, which pretty much sums you up, Margs.”

Margo grinned. He was definitely going to untie her bikini tonight – she knew it! Thank goodness she’d traded up her black maillot for the sexy red string two-piece she had on underneath. Bruce grabbed her waist, almost roughly. “Lets get outta here,” he whispered, commandingly.

They stumbled down the stairs to where Bruce’s limo was waiting, but something made Margo turn around.

The auburn haired girl was standing a few feet away, gazing at Margo intently. Enid, rasped Margo under her breath. She was planning on using that girl to her full advantage. But something about the girl’s dark eyes made Margo feel distinctly uncomfortable, and an involuntary shudder ran down her spine. Something told her there was more to this girl that met the eye.

What is Enid hiding?
Will the Wakefields find love and popularity again?
And where did Karen Brewer spend the night?
Find out in Chapter 10 of “When Lila Met Stacey”

** what is day-glo?


4 Responses to “When Lila Met Stacey Chapter 9, “Too Good To Be True,” or, “Dawn on the Coast,””

  1. tooimpurenangel September 28, 2010 at 11:42 am #

    Day-go is/are(?) really bright neon colors, like hot pink or neon green.

    This is great, great stuff.
    Bruce is pervy. Enid is pathetic and creepy, and Dizzy Lizzie is a judgmental douce and she and Jess are getting upstaged by Stacey and Claud! Most excellent!

    Can’t wait to find out about Enid!

  2. Sam September 28, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    Enid!!!!!! awesome.

    • Totally Sweet Valley September 30, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

      HAHA Excellent! how do you write so fast???
      Lol @ Dawn and Nicky together!

      Cant wait to find out where Karen Brewer spent the night :-p

  3. Patricia awuah frimpong October 12, 2010 at 2:55 am #

    I love reading the books of the’sweet valley high.’ It is very interesting. Thanks to the author.

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