Chapter 10, “Have You Heard About Elizabeth,” or, “Karen’s Big Weekend”

1 Oct

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For inspiration go to What Claudia Wore, or any one of the 237 BSC books in existence. The more outrageous the better! And if Stacey wears a necklace made out of her Novorapid pen, I’ll eat my hat.

But now, CHAPTER 10

“Kristy! Kristy! Open up!” Karen shook the wire door vehemently, hoping the load clatter would wake up her step-sister. Unfortunately, Kristy could sleep through a hurricane. “Kristy?”

She hoped Bart wouldn’t open the door – Kristy had told her that the Basher’s coach often slept naked during the warmer months.

Finally there was a weary, “Hang on,” and about a minute later Kristy appeared, in her Cats sweatshirt and a pair of football socks that practically reached her thighs.

“Karen?” She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “What are you doing here? It’s 2am for heaven’s sake! And what in God’s name are you wearing?”

She flung open the wire door, and Karen trampled in after her, adjusting the red spaghetti strap on her body-con minidress.

Kristy flicked on the hall light and turned to face her young sister, for the first time appreciating the rip in her side-seam and the mascara streaking down her face.

“Who did this to you?” She demanded, a mixture of concern and anger sweeping over her face. “And why are you wearing makeup?”

“M..Mr Collins,” she choked out. “He tried to get me drunk. And then he grabbed me.”

“Mr Collins?” Kristy shook her head in disbelief. “But he’s one of the most well-renowned teachers in Stoneybrook.”

“I know,” Karen sniffed, wiping her tear-stained glasses with her skirt. “That’s why I went to see him tonight.”

“You went to see him?” Kristy threw up her hands, exasperated. “Karen, you’re supposed to be at the Big House tonight, not skulking around the streets looking like a harlot. Why did you do that?”

Karen looked down sheepishly. If there was one thing she hated, it was getting admonished by Kristy. “I wanted to make Ricky Torres jealous.”

Kristy slammed her fist on the table. “And so you thought cracking onto your English teacher would help? I’m starting to think you deserve everything you’re getting, young lady.”

A tear trickled down Karen’s cheek. “Don’t be mad at me, Kristy,” she whispered. “I didn’t deserve this. I need your help.”

Kristy’s expression softened and she put an arm around her skinny step-sister. Karen could be very trying, but she did have a point. And as mayor of Stoneybrook, Kristy was in a position to help – mayors had all sorts of funny powers in these parts.

“I’ll see what I can do,” she muttered. She marched into the living room and tossed a blanket onto the sofa. “Now go get some sleep.”

* * *

Margo Pike trawled through Lisette’s boutique on Sunday morning, trying to ignore the Hangover From Hell that was gripping her temples. She hadn’t been too happy when Bruce had kicked her out at 9 to go to the country club with his cousin, but man, that had been a fun night. And seeing those Wakefield twins get shunted for Mallory’s friends was rather satisfying.

“Poor Lizzie,” she murmured, browsing through a rack of floral dresses. She held up a yellow-daisy print smock to her chin. Ugh – it was so prissy. So Elizabeth! It was also perfect for starting her job at “Little Darlings Day-Care” tomorrow.

“Hello, Margo,” she was jolted from her daze by a scratchy voice in her ear. It was that Enid weirdo! How did she manage to keep popping up all the time?

“Enid,” she answered pleasantly. “What are you doing here?” The girl was wearing far to much black eyeliner, she noted absently.

“Want to come over to my apartment?” asked Enid hopefully. “We can play some Iron Maiden CDs.”

Margo rolled her eyes. Bruce would be back at two to take her jet-skiing on Secca Lake, and spending the interim with Miss Desperate wasn’t exactly her idea of a good time. Still, any friend of Elizabeth’s was an ally of Margo’s.

“Sure, why not?” she returned brightly. Enid grabbed her hand and hurried off to her station wagon.

Fifteen minutes later, Enid was dragging her up the stairs of her apartment, on a busy street in Big Mesa. Margo yawned. Not only was Enid creepy, but she was also incredibly boring.

“Here it is!” Enid babbled excitedly. She flung open the off-white door. “This is my room!”

Margo’s eyes shot wide open. “Oh My Lord…” she trailed off. She was standing in the middle of a study, no, a shrine, dedicated to Elizabeth Wakefield. Photographs of the stunning blonde were plastered on every wall, along with clippings of “The Oracle” and various magazine shoots of that irritating dimpled smile.

A life-sized Elizabeth wax model was beside the window, and the bed was shoved against the wall to make way for a stack of Amanda Howard mysteries – Elizabeth’s favorite. Margo opened the wardrobe, and a torrent of clothes fell on top of her – all size six in various floral prints and pastel shades. Enid was pretty dumpy by comparison – at least a 14 – so she assumed these were not her clothes. Margo took in the framed swimwear shots on Enid’s nightstand, as a Colleen Dunstan CD fell off the top of the wardrobe and hit her squarely on the head.

“Ow,” she cursed, rubbing her already throbbing forehead. This was just too weird.

Enid was positively beaming as she flicked through a scrapbook of Elizabeth’s university achievements. “Do you like it?”

Everyone wants a Wakefield!

Margo was still reeling in shock. She stepped over to Enid purposefully and grabbed her black polo shirt by the collar. “What’s your game, Rollins?” she sneered.

Enid smiled back. “I’ve always had the motto, Margo,” she began, “That if you cant join ‘em, become them!” She thrust a business card into Margo’s hand. On the front was a hideous redhead. “This is Tatiana Mueller. She’s a transplant surgeon. She’s just escaped from jail, and is back running Paradise Spa. Tatty can take anyone’s face and implant it on anyone else’s – she’s been after Elizabeth’s mum’s face for years.

Margo plonked herself down on the bed, which was strewn with sunstreaked blonde wigs. “And?” She had a hunch about where this was going.

“She said she’d make me into Elizabeth,” Enid went on, her eyes flashing. “I’m going to become her! And she will get my face, and forevermore be known as plain old dorky Enid!”

Margo stood up, seething with anger. This was her plan, her dream, and she wasn’t going to let Enid-the-drip from Big Mesa take it away!

The race is on, she resolved.

“No!!!” cried another voice, deep within the dark recesses of her mind. “It’s too soon – nobody will fall for your act just yet.”

Margo knew the voice was right. She turned toward Enid, a plan forming in her mind. There was another way….

* * *

Jessica was just putting the finishing touches on her fuschia playsuit when Claudia bustled through the door of Magenta Galaxy.

“A little late, aren’t we?” she snapped. “Too busy reveling in our new popularity in California?”

“Sheesh, Kristy,” Claudia muttered under her breath. Lila had warned her about Jessica’s jealousy – apparently Geminis and Wakefields had to be the centre of attention at all times.

“We’ve got a lot of work to get through today,” Jessica went on. “We need to have the template for our fashion week show finished by the end of the week.”

“It’s okay, Jess,” Claudia mumbled, fishing around in her glo-mesh purse for some Gummi Bears. “Style Masons are gonna have nothing on our line. We’ll own that show, even if I have to model myself.”

“Fat chance,” Lila piped up, and Jessica snorted. A quarter century of junk food and a pregnancy were certainly taking their toll on Claudia’s frame. If she kept her appalling eating habits up, she’d be hot on Robin Wilson’s heels in the BMI stakes.

Claudia dropped onto a stool behind one of the industrial sewing machines. “Give it a rest, guys.” So what if she’d had a good time catching up with people in Sweet Valley on the weekend? It was such a small world – she’d met up with Dawn Schafer again, and she was pretty sure Mallory Pike’s kid sister had been there as well. If there was one thing Claudia knew from her days in the Babysitter’s Club it was that friends had to stick together to be successful! And she was determined that in the next four weeks, Magenta Galaxy would do just that, and make its mark on the fashion universe.

* * *

Kristy Thomas sat at her electoral desk on Monday afternoon, a sky-high stack of tabloid papers in front of her. Where would she start? Karen had managed to pinch about a decade’s worth of news from the Stoneybrook archives. But she wasn’t giving up – not until she’d found a lead. She scanned five of the papers splayed across the desk, and then she saw it:

“No way!” The headline hit her like a Great Idea. Kristy stared at the newspaper clipping in front of her in disbelief.

“Disgraced English Teacher Flees Sweet Valley.” She skimmed the article. It was about a girl called Caroline, who’d apparently been molested by Mr Collins while he was teaching at SVH. The anger rose in Kristy’s chest like bile. Apparently there’d been about 10 instances, some involving other students: Suzanne Devlin, Heather Mallone and Elizabeth Wakefield.

Elizabeth Wakefield…that name rang a bell. Kristy snapped her fingers. Of course! That journo chick who was staying at Watson’s! Maybe she would know something. Kristy hurried outside, ignoring the horns that blared at her as she sprinted across the road. She had a Super Special Mystery to solve!

Will Mr Collins finally face the music?
What will fashion week have in store for Magenta Galaxy?
And what will become of Enid Rollins?
Find out in Chapter 11, “Kristy and the Great Campaign”,  or “Elizabeth is Mine”

2 Responses to “Chapter 10, “Have You Heard About Elizabeth,” or, “Karen’s Big Weekend””

  1. Daniella October 2, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    The last line of this chapter is pure gold! Great chapter. Loving all the story lines!

  2. sophie October 5, 2010 at 8:15 pm #

    Enid!! Mad! I love this so much. I always knew she had a secret thing for Liz. And Margo and Bruce are so Blair and Chuck. More of them please!

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