Chapter 11, “Kristy and the Great Campaign”, or “Elizabeth is Mine”

7 Oct

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Chapter 11

“There she is,” Karen Brewer ignored the whispers and turned back to the mirror. She was in the bathroom at SHS, touching up the black eye she’d drawn on with some eyeliner at Mommy’s house. She’d had to sneak off early this morning, before Seth had noticed anything, and she’d even told him a fib about stopping in at the News office before school. Karen felt a pang of guilt – lying was definitely not her strong point. Karen put her nose in the air and marched out into the hallway. Collins had spent his first night behind bars last night, and Kristy was doing some super sleuthing to make sure he stayed in there for good. Although she’d been upset at first, Karen realized now that if she played on her victim status, Ricky Torres would come to her rescue in no time and the molestation would all be worth it.

Ricky. She drew in a deep breath. There he was, outside Pamela’s locker, running a comb through his slick black hair. He turned his head and took a few steps in her direction. Karen’s heart skipped a beat. It was really happening this time!

She puckered up her lips and leaned toward Ricky, closing her eyes. She hoped her glasses wouldn’t get in the way!

“Open your eyes, Brewer,” Ricky was right in front of her, and he did not look happy.

Oh well, she thought. She’d had fantasies about angry Ricky, too.

“You’re deplorable,” he spat. “Collins was the man, the man!” He slammed his fist against her locker. “Every guy in school hates you now, Karen. You’re a stupid, big-mouthed liar. I hope you’re happy.” He strode off, slinging his leather jacket over his shoulder.

Karen’s heart sank as she watched him disappear down the corridor. It was over. Over! She sank to her knees, trying to fight the tears spilling down her cheeks.

“Goodbye, Ricky,” she whispered softly.

* * *

“Hey Liz,” Sam Thomas wandered into the kitchen and poured himself a glass a milk.

“Hey,” she returned. It was nice to have some company at the Big House this week, now that Karen had gone back to her mom’s. She watched as Sam fixed himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and couldn’t help but think how cute he looked with his wavy brown hair. She didn’t know much about him – only that he was 27 years old and at Stamford University studying to be an actuary. She made a mental note to herself to thank Mary-Anne for this – obviously it had been her intention all along to find some new, intelligent male company for Elizabeth!

Sam flashed a lopsided grin at her. “Wanna watch the news with me?”

“Sure,” Elizabeth replied with a smile. She followed him into the living room and plonked herself down on the plush sofa. This place would sure give Fowler Crest a run for its money! She almost wished she didn’t have to spend the best part of the day in the News office, avoiding Jeffery French and churning out pathetic tabloid stories. She also knew that very soon she’d have to start looking for a place of her own. But for now, things seemed to be rolling along just fine.

The 7pm headlines flashed across the screen:

Bashers get crushed in baseball semi…Local ballet talent Ramsey in Russian cocaine bust…Stoneybrook teacher dubbed Pervy Collins locked up in Long Island jail.

“What?!” Elizabeth jumped out of her seat. “Mr Collins? Roger? No!!!” She’d always been close to the English teacher back in Sweet Valley, a little too close perhaps. But she’d always trusted him and put his affection down to the fact that she was a Wakefield – and Wakefields were irresistible. The circumstances surrounding his exodus from Sweet Valley had seemed a bit bizarre, but she never would have thought he’d be capable of a crime such as this!

Karen Brewer appeared on the screen, covered in black smudges of makeup.

“My stepsister!” Sam cried. They sat there, horrified, as Karen choked out her story.

Elizabeth shook her head in disbelief. Could this really be happening?

“Collins will be represented by Richard Spier and the trial will begin in Stoneybrook court next Monday,” concluded the journalist in a monotone.

Next Monday? So soon? Elizabeth grabbed her notebook off the dining room suite and took a pen out of her pocket. She was going to go back into the office right now to crack this case open! Tina hadn’t been too happy with her performance of late, but she was going to bring the truth to Stoneybrook and get her career back on track with this assignment. She’d have to stay calm, and impartial, because a good journalist always keeps her feelings out of it, as Mr Collins had always said.

Ironically, she would do him proud.

* * *

Beep beep. The familiar message tone alerted Steven into wakefulness. He rolled over and grabbed his Blackberry off the nightstand. Maybe this time it would be her?

He sighed. It was just Jessica, telling him she couldn’t make it back to Sweet Valley this weekend. Something about pulling all-nighters all week to get her Spring collection ready for a fashion show in New York. He’d already been woken up by his other sister earlier – she apparently had some big journalism assignment and wouldn’t be able to join him back home on Saturday.

Steven tossed off his comforter. He knew who he really wanted it to be. And why he really wanted to go back to California for the weekend.

Billie, he whispered, gazing at the photograph he kept under his pillow. It was a photo of simpler, happy times – of two newlyweds horseback riding in Maine. Billie’s hair was long and free, and Steven was a younger, healthier version of his current self. He slid the picture back into his pillowslip and ran a hand over his stubble. And what was he now? Just a miserable, workaholic shadow of the man he’d once been.

Steven glanced over at Vanessa, who was in a dream-filled sleep beside him. She was cute, and kind of quirky, he’d decided, but the Haiku poems in his briefcase every day was decidedly creepy. And her depressing monologues about her dead sister were getting old, fast.

Steven punched his pillow as his bedside radio clicked over to 4:00 am. The first light was almost upon them, the start of another tedious day.

* * *

Margo shoveled one last mound of soil onto the dank ground and released a contented sigh. El Carro graveyard had a new member tonight.

She threw down her spade, relishing the scent of the damp earth. She’d worked all night for this, but the victory had been surprisingly easy. Apparently Enid’s drug-taking days hadn’t been all behind her – one look at that GHB and she’d snatched it out of Margo’s hands like it was liquid gold. And gold it had been – within half an hour, Margo had finished her.

Margo dusted off her hands. She would rent out Enid’s old apartment now, and use the cash to offset her place on Calico Drive. But that could be done another day: today she must lie low and regain her strength. Margo gathered up her tools and stole one last look at the grave she’d dug, just as a glimmer of morning light crept over the horizon. No-one would notice that Enid-the-drip was gone. Not even Elizabeth.

Bruce’s porsche was waiting for her outside the cemetery gates. She let out a wry smile. He didn’t even ask anymore – he just did her bidding.

“Farewell, Enid!” Margo cackled to the dawn sky. The night was over, but a new life was just beginning.

Will Elizabeth find love with Sam Thomas?
Will Mr Collins be put behind bars forever?
And what will Margo do next?
Find out  in WLMS Chapter 12, “Stacey and the Fashion Victim” or  “Big Brother’s in Love Again”


While she was burying Enid-the-drip in El Carro, Margo couldn't get Karen Brewer's face out of her mind


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Quick shout out to Shannon Sweet Valley, whose covers I continue to theive. Also, Ihatewheat, formerly of the A+ snark that was the Dairi Burger, has a new blog out.  She’s hilarious, so check it out

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5 Responses to “Chapter 11, “Kristy and the Great Campaign”, or “Elizabeth is Mine””

  1. Jenn October 8, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    I want to know more about the Russian cocaine bust!

  2. cokie mason October 8, 2010 at 6:48 pm #

    Wait….You killed Enid?? Can you bring her back from the dead please??

  3. winstonegbert October 8, 2010 at 6:52 pm #

    Hmm…I think I can slot in a Jessi Ramsey C-plot somewhere. And someone is actually rooting for Enid-the-drip? Maybe she can have a heaven spin-off where she hooks up with one of Jessica’s boyfriends. Then again, this is Sweet Valley so anything’s possible…

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