When Lila Met Stacey Chapter 20: “Special Christmas” or “The Baby-Sitter’s Christmas Vacation.”

17 Dec

Let the Church bells sound for the penultimate chapter of “When Lila Met Stacey”

“Hold still!” 17-year-old Margo Pike barked at her boyfriend Bruce Patman as she fiddled with the lapels of his jacket. It was Christmas morning and the couple was preparing for a traditional breakfast feast with Bruce’s family.

Bruce pouted and turned front-on to his antique full-length mirror. He looked incredibly studly this morning, thought Margo, a feeling of pride surging through her chest.

“I don’t know about this tie, Margs,” he said critically, squinting his coffee-coloured eyes. “It’s a little too….festive.”

“Well it’s a special occasion,” Margo snapped back. In more ways than one, she added silently.

“Do you have the supplies?” Bruce urged in a hushed tone, as though reading her mind.

Margo turned toward the mahogany dresser and began rifling through the top drawer.

“All present and correct,” she rasped, flinging the items onto Bruce’s four-post bed. The magic jungle prom juice glistened in its crystal vial, and her butchers knife caught the morning light filtering through the window, casting a jovial Christmas glitter across the nightstand.

Margo turned toward the handsome heir. “I’m going to need your utmost concentration, Bruce,” she leveled with him, her aqua eyes piercing his own with a steely gaze.

“Forget about Alice boning your Dad, forget Amy Slutton and Stacey McGill. All that matters now is that on the stroke of midnight, our diabolical plan succeeds and I become–”

“Elizabeth Wakefield.” He finished for her. “And then we can talk about the threesome with Jessica?”

“And then we can have an orgy with the entire fucking babysitters club,” she confirmed.

“Merry Christmas, Elizabeth,” Bruce whispered.

“Merry Christmas Bruce,” Margo rasped.

* * *

“Wow, Dad – what a sensational feast!” Jessica Wakefield shoved a forkful of blueberry pancakes into her mouth and beamed at Ned.

“This bacon is delicious!” Alice agreed, leaning over to playfully pinch her husband on the cheek.

“You look tired, Mom,” said Elizabeth thoughtfully, pushing her French toast around the plate. “Chicago really took it out of you, huh?”

Alice frowned and glanced down at her empty plate.

“So, who’s up for Lila’s bash tonight?” Steven changed the subject.

“Of course you would be, perve,” muttered Jessica. It was a well-known fact that most of Steven’s partying days had been spent with a younger crowd.

“Why don’t we make a pot of tea and sit in the lounge room for awhile?” chirped Alice. “I don’t know about you kids, but I’ve had enough breakfast to last me till next year!”

Steven patted his stomach contentedly. “Cheers, Dad.” He wandered into the carpeted lounge with his sisters, and rifled through the scrunches of wrapping paper.

“Thanks so much for the SVH yearbook!” he grinned at the twins. “You all know me too well! I might take it up to my room for a bit and see you in an hour or so?”

Jessica and Elizabeth exchanged a knowing glance and settled on the couch beside the tree.

‘Remember this, Jess?” Elizabeth drew out a Christmas album, compiled almost ten years before.

Jessica snatched it with a smile. “Of course!” she cried excitedly, flipping open the dusty cover.

“Suzanne Devlin,” she recalled with a shake of her head. “Who could forget that Christmas?”

“The MS that wasn’t MS!” Elizabeth smiled. “Boy, did she have us fooled.”

Jessica scowled. “She never had me going for a second!” she cried adamantly. “But she got your pity vote – even when she went off with Todd.”

At the mention of her ex-boyfriend’s name, Elizabeth stiffened slightly.

“Todd…” she whispered. “Remember that Christmas where you saved him from a burning car?”

“How could I forget,” Jessica cast her eyes down, recalling their night of passion at Joshua Fowler Memorial Hospital. “But that was before Nora tied me up at school and tried to steal my life.”

“Remember the Miss Christmastime parade?” Elizabeth said brightly, trying to lighten the mood. “And the Christmas we worked at Simpsons?”

“Was that when Olivia Davidson stole my rich date and then left him for a starving artist?”

“I think so…” Elizabeth rubbed her temples trying to recall. “And what about the time she showed up at our high school reunion on Boxing Day, after she’d supposedly been dead for two years?”

“I know, right,” Jessica cut in. “She went and ruined our birthday by getting crushed by a fridge, and it didn’t even kill her! Selfish!”

“Remember the Christmas with Sue Gibbons? And Jeremy trying to burn you to death?”

“And the one where you got kidnapped by an angel?”

“And the one where we woke up and were thirty?”

“And the ghost?”

“And the one where you had five Christmas Eves?”

“Hang on –” Jessica interrupted. “There’s two more presents under the tree.”

Elizabeth frowned. “But we –”

Jessica tossed Elizabeth one of the gifts, which was floppy and wrapped in red. “It says my name!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

“Mine too!” burst out Jessica excitedly. “Mom must’ve brought them back from interstate.” She scraped off a piece of sticky-tape with a perfectly manicured nail. “One, two, three –”

The twins tore open the presents, revealing two elegant pink ball-gowns. Jessica slipped hers on quickly. It was strapless, and fitted at the waist, with a chiffon skirt in a deep shade of magenta that flowed past her ankles.

“We’ll wear them tonight,” she decided, admiring herself in the mantelpiece mirror.

“Okay,” Elizabeth agreed, tracing the pink fabric with her index finger. They were beautiful, she had to admit. But something seemed…. wrong. Elizabeth shuddered involuntarily. Suddenly she had the feeling that someone, or something, was watching her. Elizabeth drew her blue nightgown around her. She had a feeling there was a surprise in store for her tonight.

* * *

“There’s a surprise in store for you tonight,” Margo murmured, ducking her head under the Wakefield’s windowsill. So they’d bought it. Relying on Jessica’s stupidity was certainly serving her well.

“Perfect,” she whispered. “Just perfect.”

She caught a glimpse of Alice wandering past the lounge-room and clucked her tongue.

“Bad mom,” she reprimanded softly. “We’ll have to do something about your wicked ways.”

Margo slipped out from under the rose bush and brushed her skirt. It was time to head back to the Patman’s, and prepare herself for a night to remember….

* * *

“Merry Christmas, Mary Anne!” Dawn Schafer handed her heavily pregnant stepsister an envelope. “Don’t get too excited.”

“A lifetime membership to Greenpeace,” MaryAnne smiled flatly, trying to muster some enthusiasm. “Gee, thanks Dawn, how thoughtful.”

“No worries!” Dawn giggled, digging into the hommus dip with a granola cracker. “Don’t let me eat all this, just cause its Christmas.”

“You’re certainly not eating for two,” Logan joked.

Mary-Anne smiled. “I should probably ease up myself,” she offered. She was feeling rather strange today- her stomach felt tense and kind of crampy.

“You okay, Mary-Anne?” Richard Spier frowned across the table at his daughter. “Maybe we should’ve stayed in Stoneybrook for Christmas.” He exchanged A Look with Sharon, who was busy picking a paper clip out of her grapefruit.

Mary-Anne took a sip of cider and shook her head. “I’ll be fine, Dad,” she smiled tightly, hoping her wavering voice wouldn’t betray her.

“Well then – open this!” Richard pushed a small gift across Dawn’s cedar table.

Mary-Anne neatly unwrapped it. “Kenny G?” she asked blankly.

“Sharon!” Richard hollered at his wife. “How did you get that from Cam Geary?”

Sharon looked dumbfounded. “Cam Geary?”

“Women,” he muttered. “You can exchange it at CD universe, sweetie.”

Mary-Anne stiffened as another tightening enveloped her lower abdomen. She clutched Logan’s hand tightly.

“You okay?” he murmured, a look of concern crossing his boyishly-handsome face.

“Just fine,” she lied. “Merry Christmas, everyone.”

* * *

“Eve!” Lila’s voice thundered down the staircase. “We need another pack of pretzels, pronto!”
Lila’s maid scurried into the lavish dining room.

“Let me help you with that,” Nicholas Morrow offered in a low voice. Since Lila had insisted on him being here at five he might as well make himself useful.

“Thanks,” mumbled the elderly Polish woman gratefully, handing him a bottle of root beer. “Miss Lila certainly has her knickers in a twist tonight.”

“She sure does,” agreed the handsome computer magnate. “Not to mention the five gowns she had me ship over from Milan. She’s so worked up about outdoing the Patman bash from last Christmas.”

At last Lila arrived at the top of the spiral staircase, one slender arm resting carefully on the marble rail.

Nicholas let out a low whistle, on cue. Lila looked beautiful, alright: Her black velvet gown hugged her in all the right places, dipping low at the back to reveal her twelve shapely ribs. Her neck was adorned with a classy Tiffany’s chain, and her glossy brown hair was pulled into an elegant chignon, framing her delicate cheekbones.

Although Nicholas knew that, superficially, Lila was a stunner, she didn’t make his heart leap into his chest the way Stacey had. Her style, though polished, lacked the New York flair of Stacey, and her manner, while refined, seemed somewhat cold and calculating. For whatever reason, she left him cold, and tonight more than ever, he longed for his dead girlfriend. As Lila glided down the stairwell, Nicholas’ slate-grey eyes brimmed with tears.

“I’m sorry,” he choked out, “I can’t do this. Merry Christmas.”

Without another word, he turned and fled.

* * *

Photo courtesy of Angelfire.com

Lila watched her handsome boyfriend exit the marble door of Fowler Crest, a look of despair crossing her attractive face.

“Eve, stop him!” She yelped desperately at the maid.

“Miss Lila, I think Mr Morrow doesn’t want to be stopped,” came the honest reply.

“Gaaaa!” Lila screeched. She pivoted on her Manolos, turning to face the opulent dining room.

“You’ll pay for this, Nicholas Morrow,” she seethed, her nostrils flaring.

She shot a look at Eve, who was hiding a smirk.

“He’s just busy,” Lila snapped haughtily. “Get back to work.”

“Excuses, excuses,” muttered Eve. Lila drew her lips into a tight line. She knew Eve was right. Even from the start she’d never had a hold over the Morrow heir – he was still weeping over that dead babysitter. Well she would show him: tonight, Lila Fowler would throw the most amazing Christmas party in Sweet Valley history.

Will Margo’s murderous plot prevail?

Will Mary-Anne make it to a hospital in time?

And who will become Elizabeth Wakefield?

Find out in The Final Installment of “When Lila Met Stacey” : Chapter 21 “The Evil Twins”


3 Responses to “When Lila Met Stacey Chapter 20: “Special Christmas” or “The Baby-Sitter’s Christmas Vacation.””

  1. sophie December 18, 2010 at 4:16 pm #

    No….not the second last chapter. Sequel please? And if Margo doesn’t get things done I’m gonna be pissed…

  2. Catia December 18, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    Nooooo! I love this story! Please don’t let it be the penultimate!!! I look forward to reading this story. It is sheer genius!!

  3. Liz December 19, 2010 at 5:23 pm #

    Thirded! There MUST be more of WLMS. (and Stacey better return at midnight!)

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